All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group Summit on living donation

The All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group held  a Summit on living donation on 22 November 2017. The purpose of the Summit was to identify the reasons for the drop in the number of living kidney transplants in the UK, three years in a row; and to consider how we can reverse this trend. Key speakers from the Department of Health ( England), NHS England, NHSBT, the Transplant 2020 Oversight Group, a consultant nephrologist  and the NKF shared their views on the current situation. The APPKG agreed to publish a Manifesto  on living donation in January 2018 and this will set out recommendations for increasing living kidney transplants.  A copy of the agenda for the Summit and a Briefing Paper on living donation are attached.

APPKG Admission Letter – LDT Transplant Summit 22.11.2017 Briefing Paper – APPKG Summit Final.docx

Briefing Paper – APPKG Summit Final.docx

Orin Lewis, NBTA Co-chair, said:

“The Living Donor Transplant Summit was a very successful and informative event. The keynote speakers highlighted the present day landscape of Living Kidney donation with focus also on the historical and future relationship with deceased organ donation including the rise and relative fall in the registration numbers of living donors. The NBTA welcomes the work of the National Kidney Federation in bringing together many of the key stakeholders to review and instigate new policy recommendations which will assist the large diversity of patients in need of the gift of life.”