Our silent crisis: NBTA member launches campaign on living donation

NBTA members ACLT have launched a campaign called Our Silent Crisis, highlighting the need for organ donations from living people.

In 2016 the waiting list for kidney transplants was made up of 34% Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) people. But of all the transplants that took place only 28% were to BAME recipients. The shows the difference between the supply of kidneys and the demand for them.

Across the UK around 5000 people are in need of a kidney and more than 250 people died while waiting during 2016-2017.

The average waiting time for a Black patient needing a kidney is three years. Not only is the number of Black people affected by kidney failure disproportionately high, but the number of Black donors is critically low as well.

Unless ordinary people come forward to become living kidney donors this number will rise, and the number of deaths will too.

  • Blood and tissue types are more likely to match in people with the same ethnic background. Matching makes organ transplants possible
  • Only 17 people from the Black community donated a kidney in 2016-2017, the lowest figure in 5 years
  • Just 189 Black patients received a kidney transplant at the end of 2016-2017, meaning 600 patients are still waiting

Orin Lewis OBE, Co-Founder, Chief Executive of ACLT, said:

“This is a real issue facing our community. Our silent crisis needs to not be silent anymore: More donors of African Caribbean descent need to come forward and help us save lives. Too many people needlessly die waiting while friends, family and colleagues could provide a vital match. We need a game changer soon, if the current trend continues the future looks bleak for our community.”

Nina said ’You don’t need to be brave to be a donor. There’s nothing scary about it. My thing is that could be me. It could be anyone of my nephews, god-children or a family member. I wouldn’t be able to cope knowing that I needed this thing to live and none of you are going to help me.’   

Nina’s incredible story can be viewed on YouTube. Please CLICK HERE

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