Living Transplant Initiative

The drop in the number of living kidney donations and transplants over the last two years is clearly of concern. NHSBT commissioned NBTA to manage the Living Transplant Initiative (LTI) in October 2016. The aim of the LTI is to increase the number of living kidney transplants among BAME communities through a targeted approach.

NBTA set up a LTI Steering Group to oversee this Initiative. Following a national advertisement for interested organisations to submit a bid to undertake individual projects, the Steering Group decided to allocate funding to five projects. The overall timescale for the individual projects is from January 2017 until March 2018.

For any queries about this Initiative, please contact the Kirit Modi, Chair of the NBTA LTI Steering Group ( or contact the lead person for each project directly.


BAPS Charities (P1 web) NCVA (P2 web) ACLT (P3 web)
Baps Charities The National Council of Varnik Association African Caribbean Leukemia Trust
UoW (P4 web) GOLD (P5 web)
University of Warwick Gift of Living Donation



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