The coordinating voice for Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Minority Ethnic transplant donation
DWIB (Daniel Whyte Ivor Burford)

Daniel Whyte Ivor Burford (DWIB) Leukaemia Trust was formed with the aim to increase awareness of leukaemia in the West African sub-Region and create access to effective diagnostic and treatment resources. Most of all, it aims to set up a bone marrow register in Ghana to aid and improve the treatment of leukaemia in the region.

Daniel Whyte Ivor Burford DWIB

  • To set up first Bone Marrow register and its laboratory in Sub-Saharan Africa to be based in Ghana
  • To embark on advocacy programmes that focus on creating awareness of the disease to the public in general and second cycle and tertiary education specifically to encourage participation
  • Get Ghana’s Bone marrow Register linked to the Global Bone Marrow Register
  • Acquire Ultra-modern Equipment for Haematology Department at the Korle- Bu Teaching Hospital
  • To set up a fund to assist leukaemia patients go through their treatment at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  • To maintain the website for the Trust in order to enhance its activities in areas of information and education
  • To mirror all the above objectives in other African countries and the Caribbean

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