The coordinating voice for Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Minority Ethnic transplant donation
GOLD (Gift of Living Donation)

Gift of Living Donation (GOLD) is a community interest organisation which helps raise awareness of living kidney donation in the Black community.

GOLD (Gift of Living Donation)

GOLD works in partnership with healthcare providers to increase access to living donation for black people with renal failure and need a kidney transplant. We do this by providing culturally relevant resources and tools and developing systems to better engage with black patients and their families.

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GOLD work alongside the following organisations:

Gift of Living Donation in partnership with Kidney Research UK developed and piloted the first Black Asian and minority ethnic 'Peer Educator' living kidney donation home- based education programme in the United Kingdom.

Gift of Living Donation lead the first Black Asian and minority ethnic public awareness campaign on organ donation in the Brent borough, in collaboration with Brent Public Health.