The coordinating voice for Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Minority Ethnic transplant donation
Kidney Research UK

Kidney Research UK is the leading charity dedicated to research into kidney disease in the UK. We rely almost wholly on the generous donations of the UK public and we believe that everybody deserves a life free of kidney disease.

Kidney Research UK

We aim to find better treatments, and ultimately cures for kidney diseases. Our mission is to fund and deliver life-saving research into kidney diseases; Improve treatments for people with kidney diseases and enhance their quality of life; Increase awareness of kidney health, and support the early diagnosis and prevention of kidney disease and damage Kidney disease is a silent killer. There are three million people in the UK with it right now. One million don’t even know they have it and there is no cure. For decades our developments in treatment, better information for patients and raising vital public awareness have been saving lives. As the likelihood of kidney disease striking you becomes ever greater, our work is more essential now than ever.

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Depending on projects and initiatives, we partner and collaborate with a wide range of academic, research, NHS Trust, industry, statutory and voluntary organisations as well as with patient and public organisations.

We have had over a decade’s experience in community outreach programmes in the UK, using our evidence-based and multi award-winning Peer Educator initiative.

We have worked with grassroots community organisations as well as statutory bodies (who have funded our work) to provide accredited training to people from the target community, called Peer Educators, to engage with their own communities and spread the word through building trust and rapport.

Our Peer Educators are sometimes people directly affected by the need for organ donation and are representatives of the target community in terms of language spoken, faith and culture as well as health and lived experience. We have run successful projects in London, Birmingham and currently in Scotland where we are managing a project, now in its fifth year, in partnership with and funded by the Scottish Government. We have worked in partnership with a range of BAME communities across the UK.