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Making a gift of life by living donation to your nearest and dearest

This project is targeted mainly at the Hindu communities in North West London and led by the Hindu Temple in Neasden, the largest Hindu Temple in the UK. The project will involve members of the Hindu communities and community groups, living donors and recipients, Hindus waiting for a kidney transplant, the North West London Kidney Patients Association, Hindu faith leaders and staff from local hospitals. Awareness about living donation and transplantation will be raised through the production of a YouTube video aimed at the Hindu communities, an appropriate leaflet and a one day Conference at the Neasden Mandir in October 2017.

Hindu living donors and recipients will be honoured at the Conference. There will be an extensive media campaign using radio, newspapers and social media. Important religious events, such as Diwali will be used to distribute information on living donation and transplantation. Hindu kidney patients waiting for a transplant will be contacted and supported throughout the project.

BAPS Charities

Project Lead


Sejal Saglani is Professor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at Imperial College and The Royal Brompton Hospital, London. She is a volunteer for BAPS Charities, and is Co-Chair of the BAPS Healthcare Team.

One of the key objectives of BAPS Charities is to serve the community by improving Health and Wellness.

As such, we are actively engaged in projects that raise awareness of key health issues pertinent to the local Hindu community. Our health awareness activities have focussed on educating the local community and devotees that attend the temple and all events are undertaken in a culturally sensitive way, taking into account lifestyle and preferred language. BAPS Charities has promoted organ donation awareness among the South Asian and Hindu community since 2011.