The coordinating voice for Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Minority Ethnic transplant donation
Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Do the right thing, Living donor transplantation and the Pakistani community.

The aim of our project is to increase awareness of live kidney donation in the Muslim Community in Yorkshire.

The outline of our presentation is based on three topics, these are; Science, Family and Religion. We hope to explain the need for donation from the same ethnic community by explaining the science in simple terms how a match between a recipient and donor are determined, this section will also include some data on number of patients currently on waiting list from the Muslim community and the number of live donations received in the last year.

The family section will include topics relating to the donor i.e. how and why they decide to donate, procedure of donation pre and post donation, effect on a family as a whole. Finally the religion part of the presentation is to present what the Islamic Sharia law says regarding organ donation and what the Holy Qur'an says.

Living Transplant Initiative

Project Lead