The coordinating voice for Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Minority Ethnic transplant donation
University Hospitals Birmingham

Focused communication and peer education for maximising living donor kidney transplantation for patients of South Asian and Black ethnicity.

The project will evaluate a multistep approach to increase living kidney donor transplantation for patients of South Asian and Black ethnicity who require treatment for end-stage renal failure.

The details of the programme will comprise:

  1. Utilising culturally sensitive written material and video webcasts explaining living kidney transplantation to the target groups, including material by patients and health-care professionals who can communicate with patients and family members where English is not a first language (e.g. Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali). Pre-existing resources in the UK transplant community will form the basis for this.
  2. Written communication strategies will comprise letters written with the consent of and on behalf of the patient. These letters can be used to give to family members and close friends. These letters will include information on the benefits of kidney transplantation for the patient, and the benefits and risks of transplantation. They will include signposting to the webcasts and to the written online material.
  3. Utilising a peer educator and supporter programme to provide an optimal framework for potential living kidney donors. This will be based at the pilot centre and will allow donors who have been activated by the above approaches to spend time with a support and educator team at the time of clinic visits, to establish holistic support for the donor and patient through the donation and transplantation pathway.
Living Transplant Initiative

Project Lead