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Giving a gift - Living organ donation

This project is targeted mainly at the Jain communities in North West London and led by NCVA which is an umbrella organisation representing thirteen Jain organisations in North West London. The project will involve members of the Jain communities and community groups, living donors and recipients, Jains waiting for a kidney transplant, elders and women influential in the community, and staff from local hospitals. The project will develop a DVD on living donation aimed at the Jain communities, a Jain leaflet and arrange at least three community events to discuss living donation and transplantation. Support will be provided to those interested in living donation and those waiting for a transplant. Dissemination of information will take place through the Jain member organisations as well as the web-site and social media.

View the project's leaflet about living organ donation (PDF).

Vanik Council UK

Project Lead


Manhar Mehta started Jain religious activities in Leicester in 1969 and has founded the Jain Samaj in Leicester in 1973.

He chaired this until 1977. In 1978 he was one of the founding members of the National Council of Vanik Associations in the UK (1978) and is currently its chairman to after having been Vice Chair for Midland and Southern regions.

He also initiated the Jain Spiritual Healthcare service (Chaplaincy) in the UK in 2004 and has chaired the Multi-Faith Group of Healthcare Chaplaincy for two years.

He has been a trustee for several organisations such as for the Jain Samaj Europe and Leicester Jain Temple from 1977 for 30 years and for the Navnat Vanik Association of the UK for five years.