The coordinating voice for Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Minority Ethnic transplant donation

Today the Government announces a new campaign in England to address the urgent need for donors revealed in NHS Blood and Transplant’s annual report into organ donation in black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

The campaign aims to increase donation rates by raising awareness and breaking down barriers to donation within these communities. The Government has commissioned NHS Blood and Transplant to deliver the campaign with support from the National BAME Transplant Alliance (NBTA).

The NHS Blood and Transplant report reveals only seven percent – 114 – of donors last year were from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds. This figure is increasing however, thanks to more black, Asian and ethnic minority families saying yes to donation when asked in hospitals.

NBTA Co-Chairs Kirit Mistry and Orin Lewis said: “On behalf of our members we welcome the Government’s commitment to launching a campaign to increase organ donors from black, Asian and ethnic minority communities.

“We are also encouraged to be given the opportunity to work in partnership to engage recipients, donors, communities, organisations, and stakeholders to help shape this campaign from a culturally and faith-based sensitive perspective.

“NBTA as the co-ordinated voice for black, Asian, mixed race and minority ethnic communities in transplant donation will help to build trust and create dialogue to inform our communities of the need for more organ donors from these backgrounds, and spread the message of organ donation is a gift of life so help save more lives.”

The full report into organ donation for black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in 2017/18 can be viewed