The coordinating voice for Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Minority Ethnic transplant donation

NHSBT has released a copy of the Transplant Activity Report (TAR) giving a comprehensive update about organ donors, transplant waiting lists and transplant activity for the UK for the latest financial year. 1,600 people in the UK donated their organs after they died; saving or improving the lives of 3,941 transplant recipients and giving hope to those still waiting.

Sadly, in 2018/19, 400 people died while waiting for their call and a further 777 were removed due to deteriorating health. Many of these would have died shortly afterwards. Currently over 6,000 people are still waiting for a transplant.

Wales now has the highest consent rate of all the UK nations, now 77%, up from 58% in 2015. It is hoped that once the law change comes into force in both England and Scotland, and as awareness of organ donation is heightened in the public consciousness, we will see similar increases across both these countries.

There’s a case study video uploaded to YouTube channel.

The full report is available here.