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NBTA member Team Margot have launched a campaign to showcase “works of heart” to say thank you for staying at home and protecting the most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the lockdown may be easing a little for some, the government directive is that there will be NO change for the many people who are most vulnerable to the disease and who are therefore “shielding”. People with suppressed immune systems are sheltering in isolation because they are particularly at risk from COVID-19. Of these people, those who need or have received organ transplants are classified by the government as the most vulnerable of all.

Team Margot, Giving to help othersLive Life Give Life and All Good Co. (CIC) supported by NHS Blood and Transplant, have started a project called ‘Heart At Home to say a very big “thank you” to everyone for protecting the most vulnerable.

Over 50 renowned artists and illustrators have each generously donated a unique ‘Work of Heart’, depicting their perspective on self-isolating at home. Each scene is set in the shape of an anatomical heart. The objective of the campaign is to get people to share their favourite heart on social media to spread the message of gratitude on behalf of the vulnerable. They have also created a ‘shielding heart poster’ that can be placed in the window of a home to alert neighbours, visitors and delivery services that a vulnerable person lives there.

While we’re still all inside, it’s a good time to remember it’s what’s inside that counts.
After all, home is where the heart is.