The coordinating voice for Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Minority Ethnic transplant donation

Orin Lewis OBE

Chair of NBTA

Orin Lewis OBE is the co-founder and CEO of the 44 times award winning UK charity, the ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust). The charity is dedicated to raising the awareness of the shortage of Black and Ethnic Minority donors on the UK stem cell (bone marrow), blood and organ registers and recruits potential donors to come forward at ACLT registration drives and be involved in the process of offering hope and a healthy future to someone whose disorder may otherwise prove fatal. Our work is driven by a belief that no one should die waiting for a donor to become available.
Orin is also the Co-Chair of the National Black, Asian, Mixed Race, and Minority Ethnic Transplant Alliance (NBTA) which is a coalition of organisations (secular/community/religious) which seeks to promote positive and influential awareness of organ, blood and stem cell donation/transplantation amongst ethnic and diverse background people in order to increase the number of donors from these communities.
The NBTA aims to promote influential, effective and efficient partnership working between members, encouraging a coordination of initiatives that make the most of skills, experience and infrastructure already available.